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2022 International Memorial Day Blending Conference



Message 1:      7:00 PM      Friday           May 27, 2022
Message 2:     10:00 AM    Saturday       May 28, 2022
Message 3:     7:00 PM      Saturday       May 28, 2022
Message 4:     10:00 AM    Lord’s Day      May 29, 2022
Message 5:     7:00 PM      Lord’s Day     May 29, 2020
Message 6:     10:00 AM    Monday        May 30, 2022

 The Conference Outlines in the languages are available under the Conference Outlines & Info menu tab below.


To the churches and the saints in the Lord’s recovery:

Due to a change in the requirements of the State of California, we are able to open the live, in-person portion of the 2022 International Memorial Day Blending Conference to all the saints in the Lord’s recovery. This effectively drops all of the previously announced restrictions on who may attend the live conference meetings. Please note that LSM will not provide any child care; please do not bring your children to the conference meetings.

The meetings will be held at the LSM Ministry Conference Center at 2431 W. La Palma Ave, Anaheim CA 92801. Please see schedule 1 for the in-person meeting dates and times. LSM will not provide any hospitality. Saints should make their own arrangements for lodging and transportation. Information concerning nearby hotels is attached.

The in-person meetings will be streamed live at for those whose time-zone permits them to watch the live meetings by webcast. The live webcast will be available according to schedule 1.

In addition to the live webcast of the in-person meetings, LSM will stream the messages, time zone after time zone, across the globe as we have for the past two years at This will be done according to two different schedules, schedule 2 for US churches and schedule 3 for the rest of the world. [CLICK ON THE BUTTONS UNDER CONFERENCE OUTLINES & INFO].