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High School & College Celebration Meeting

There will be a High School & College Celebration Meeting for the 2018 graduates. The meeting will be at the church meeting hall on June 2nd, at 5:30p. Dinner will be served at 6p with the fellowship meeting following at 7p – 8:30p. All the Saints are invited to attend to celebrate with the graduates and encourage them in the Lord as they consider the next step in their human life and christian pursuit. Praise the Lord for the graduates, keep them, and use them for your purpose.

2018 CIM Graduation List


Kevin Jiang

Emanuel Nates

Sebastian Sosa

Allison Corredor

*Joseline Trejos


Lesly Ramirez

Eliza Hsu Chen

Fiorella Moreno

Gracica Thelusma


*From Ft. Myers